Monday, 4 March 2013

news from the north

after quite a bit of time without a studio space and wondering where the hell in the world to put myself for a while whilst i work out what to do next, and develop some studio work, i am writing from my new studio, in Edinburgh, Scotland. I grew up in Edinburgh from the age of 8 so it is familiar to me, but quite alot has changed (for the better) and quite alot has stayed the same (for the worse) - for instance - there are still so many homeless people on the city streets; it doesn't matter to me whether these people are genuinely homeless or not (which is an argument people always give), what matters is that in a capital city there are so many people sitting out in the cold needing money and shelter.

my new studio is with the nice folk at Rhubaba

follow the link to see the group and the kinds of things happening here. it is great to have found a space where there are people doing interesting things. i haven't got settled here just yet, but im hoping it won't take long to turn the studio into a dinda zone once i've picked up some of my (many) things.

i went to an seminar / talk yesterday at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh called Work/Table: Thinking Through Making (in reference to the current exhibition by Massimo Bartolini.)

there were a few of points of discussion which i found really interesting:
 - incidents/accidents/events - the idea of there being different modalities of participation and engagement (in a way, both for the artist and the audience).
- objects as/and language  - the idea of objects having an implicit or explicit voice; and the lexicology of an artists' objects.
- play as a transition activity.

more news soon and some pictures of the studio when it's all up and running. once i've got a job (if anyone hears of anything art related around Edinburgh keep me in mind!) and a flat, visits from afar are really welcome, Edinburgh is a little bit like Groningen - there is always something good going on.

don't look away.