Thursday, 28 February 2013

this is how she could be

sit here while i comb your hair with my new small kent comb.
(it's so beautiful this comb but really it means nothing)
this is how she could be. she / i. you.
distance between the two.

scruffy essentially, despite attempts at the opposite.
a bag. a book. what intrudes on the everyday; (?) an event, a thought, passive occurences.
balance between active and passive
in relation to she / he / i / you

small piles of ash
traces of act(s)
a fucked up polaroid of a party
it's not dated.

action/in place/object.
hands open a blue purse, the zip is gold.
the hands close it again and open it again.
what is the smile like? what is the laugh like?


don't look away.