Friday, 4 December 2015

catching up with 2 0 1 5 // 2 short film idem / ipse

Close the door.

What parts of you can you change? What parts are immovable?

What changes do we allow? Where is the start? It’s always the same question.

Pointless rituals. Is that possible, for something to be completely pointless?

Don’t ask. I entertain my own desire.

Tied to myself. I am always tied to myself. Even if some part of me tries to fly away.

It’s dark. I start blank. I add layers. In the end I am changed

The props are down.
The curtain drawn.


my friend and artistic collaborator Angus Reid helped me to edit the video. to see more of his work follow the link below

idem / ipse was screened at a Pollyanna event in Edinburgh in February.