Sunday, 6 May 2012

even in dim light

i know, i know, it took a while...but here you have a short film made back at the end of January / beginning of February this year. If you have looked at my other films (see previous post Films!) you will see that i have tried here to develop a film of longer duration. i wanted to try placing the central section of the film, which is a moment of concentration and pause, within a longer non-narrative structure. i used some old film footage which i made on a super 8 camera back when i was in my early 20's with some words written recently. on reflection, i think there are a few films (or perhaps ideas for films) within this short work. i'm happiest with the central section, it could be that the rest belongs to another story. the artist and film-maker Raul Ruiz in his book Poetics of Cinema writes:

'Every film is incomplete by nature, since it is made of fragments interrupted by the director's cry of "Cut!" When we attempt to complete these fragments, several different films will answer the call. If we consider each fragment of a film as an airport, then we can accept the idea that multiple films will land there.'

There is a nice story that goes with the filming day. My friend and fellow student, Ikue Konishi, on her way through the park the same evening or maybe the next day, saw the black ballon tied to the tree and took this photograph. She thought it might have been some alcohol inspired adventure and was surprised when she saw the film.

if anyone feels like posting a comment about this post, please do, i'm still reflecting on this work, in particular the relations between short concentrated clips and longer non-narrative duration.

don't look away.