Wednesday, 12 October 2011

blackboard writing

writing is becoming more and more important, and i am trying to write everyday. the way i write is by allowing words to form on the page without trying too hard to create meaning or order. the first draft is my original material which i then refine in the second and third drafts. by cutting and pasting sections together, i make connections between phrases and words.  

at the moment i am looking for ways to combine writing, film and photography. these three blackboard panels from my studio are an immediate way to see exactly how a piece of text can function outside of a notebook or off the written page. 

the more i write, the more i want to write. in part, it is about re-discovering the qualities of words themselves, and in part about accessing experiences in the present, and experiences in the past.

the first one is dedicated to Mo Jupp.

don't look away.