Wednesday, 8 June 2011

today in the studio and recent nikkormat photographs

in the studio i am currently working on the relations between written text and the objects used in my work. surrounded by some of my collected objects today i started to write short texts. a recent film work (i will post a clip next) which incorporated some text i have written with an object, motivated and brought up the potential to explore how i can make more of my writing in combinations with objects, photographs, films and installations.

i am using a nikkormat analog camera a lot these days. and astrid recently showed me how to scan my negatives using a professional scanner. i want to take my camera everywhere with me, but it's not always possible.

for those of you who have tried to leave a comment, I changed the settings to make it much easier, you don't have to log in or have a special account, you can now just leave your comment at the bottom of each post.

don't look away.