Sunday, 8 May 2011

back in the studio...

and back on the blog after a study trip to new york and a few days in brussels. it has been a few weeks since i have written or posted anything here. my time recently has been taken up with reading, and writing an essay which relates and analyses the reading material from a cultural philosophy course on globalisation i followed this semester with my studio practice and associated reading. i am trying to synthesise different theories into an original whole. it's not easy.  

new york - well, now that i am back i can see the multiple benefits of going away for a while, and to a big city. big cities i am used to. i spent some hours walking and taking pictures. the more pictures i take the better, based on a one decent photo out of 36 rule (i could get lucky, it could be more). more about new york later.

today i was back in the studio. mostly writing and playing with some wall work (see below). it is important right now to record every idea for work i have in case i want to return to it at a later date. i made a start at some scratch poems taken from my notebook. it involves taking original text and crossing out/editing back most of the words on a page until you are left with the bare bones of meaning. i usually do a further edit out of the selected words. (see below)

the next posts will be some excerpts from the illustrated essay mentioned above and, when back from the developer, hopefully some images and text from new york.

don't look away.

i.      scarcely space
years ago
through with thread
define a room

wake up get up
ideas for before I go
wall to floor, above
white tape over, next
the red below, wide)
trailing to ceiling
sticks and black to find)

try joining together found changes
(on or off the canvas)

ii.     put on an act even oneself
closer come closer
starting, I asked
how long how long is a lifetime?

I carry with me a story
fire burns it