Tuesday, 1 December 2015

catching up with 2 0 1 5 // 1 Jan - March / Participatory Photography - Glasgow

it's been a while since i've posted here but it's been on my mind to update. 2015 has been a busy and fruitful year.

early in the year, from january to march i worked as a workshop assistant for Becky Duncan of Open Aye. following on from my photography project (www.thecombinesproject.com) i was searching to find people doing interesting participatory activities with photography in Scotland in order to build up networks and partnerships. i came across the participatory photography methodology and Becky's work. Becky runs a community interest company running participatory photography workshops with third sector clients - school groups, youth groups, refugees and homeless people to name just a few. to find out more about her work please follow the link below.


to find out more about participatory photography methodology please follow the link below.


together we worked on two projects in Glasgow; one a primary schools project for Scottish Natural Heritage, and the other a weekly youth group in Burnhill for Healthy and Happy on the subject of alcoholism. it was extremely interesting for me to see how Becky facilitates groups and to see how photography skills can be used to bring children and young adults closer to and able to reflect on their local environments.

to see the work with the school groups in action follow the link below. (i'm black bobble hatted and visible in a few frames.)