Thursday, 3 March 2011

london, end of feb, 2011

in london:
i realise that the images i make have always been partly about objects, but more than before the start of the MFA at Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, The Netherlands, i am analysing my relationship to those objects.
a strange experience of non belonging, i drift, whilst most people are so purposeful as they travel around the city.

susan hiller at tate britain:
part of my reading material at the moment is about cognitive poetics which is the study of texts from the readers perspective. it is about literary devices which guide the reader through texts. i  am seeing exhibitions as texts and im interested in how we, as viewers, are guided through spaces and concepts. interestingly susan hiller's work is about the subconscious, dreams and the paranormal (and collecting), and although there were some good moments of confusion and disorientation entering the video projection spaces, i found for the most part the exhibition quite rational to navigate.

coming next:
combines. following on from some previous work last semester i went back to my photograph archive stored in london, and selected some images. i have made some more 2 image collages which will be my next post. 

don't look away.